Excel Award Win

Excel Award Win

Now more than ever, we believe in the importance of a happy home.

Happiness is not created by four walls and a roof. Fundamentally, those who live in it create a happy home . Excel’s mission has always been to create beautiful, happy homes that are designed to enhance the way you want to live.

Towards the end of last year, we were lucky enough to undertake a complete renovation for some wonderful customers.

Since completing the project, we were delighted and very humbled to have won the Caerphilly Council 2020 Award for “Best extension to an existing property”, which is fantastic news to receive at this present time.

The project was both exciting and extensive. As a complete renovation, the project scope included a bespoke Sunroom with a made-to-measure lantern feature, a loft conversion, a bespoke kitchen, bespoke bedroom and a patio area. The customer’s brief was to modernise their home, creating large living areas that brought the family together, whist offering zones for different modes of living.

The Sunroom would be the jewel in the crown, providing a significant amount of additional living space. This also brought with it ‘In & Out living’, as the patio could be easily accessed via the large, sliding doors. The Sunroom included a dining area, lounge and kitchen.

The kitchen was an important zone for the customers who wanted a chic, modern look with the functionality to cook, entertain and congregate together all in one. The bespoke designed kitchen featured an island that created the main hub for activity. A made-to-measure lantern and state-of-the-art LED lighting ensured that the kitchen was fully and stylishly lit throughout the day.

Other areas of development included a loft conversion, bespoke bathroom and bedroom and the patio area. All the heating and lighting were run and controlled via the Hive system.

It was a real pleasure to work on this project. We’d like to thank our team for their continued hard work and professionalism, Caerphilly CBC for selecting us as the winner for such a great award, and of course our wonderful customers.

If you are interested in developing your property soon then please feel free to contact us for an initial, no-obligation quotation.


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