We are delighted to share with you another installment of our “Designs For Living” Series.

Designs for living is an ethos that runs through Excel Home Design where we ensure that the projects we undertake do not just add value to your property but also help you live the way you wish in your home. 

We were delighted to catch up with some wonderful customers and find out how they were enjoying life with their new Sunroom extension. After moving into their new home, Roger and Debbie felt that they needed to increase the living space to enjoy their time at home during the day. 

Thanks to an initial recommendation which led to Excel Home Design designing and fitting a new bathroom for Roger and Debbie we were invited back in to discuss ideas for an extension into the garden. Efficient space and light were big considerations for Roger and Debbie who wanted their home to be designed around stylish and easy living. 


“We didn’t want a large garden, but we wanted to feel like we were in the garden.” 

Excel suggested a Sunroom with a kitchen diner to maximise space, light and offer a transition zone into the garden. 

The kitchen is a wonderful example of the latest in chic design, kitchen technology and clever space-saving features. The bespoke Island is central to this design, providing a food preparation area, breakfast bar and additional storage. It also helps create zones in the room for dining, relaxing and cooking. 

The kitchen layout and Sunroom also worked perfectly for Roger and Debbie when entertaining as it enabled the guests to move out into the garden, avoiding cramping in the kitchen and provided ample space to relax and mingle. 

The Sunroom uses a combination of Velux windows and a large sliding door to maximise light into the home adding a rejuvenating quality to an already relaxing environment. The latest in LED technology helps set the ambience when the Sun has gone down. 

Commenting on the reaction to the new Sunroom when friends visit Roger said – “There is a WOW factor that can’t be overlooked”.

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