7 Sunroom details to create your perfect relaxation zone


7 Sunroom details to create your perfect relaxation zone

Whether you are sipping a chilled glass of chardonnay while watching the Sun go down or enjoying an early breakfast at Sunrise, your Sunroom should be a place that brings you special moments every day.

A Sunroom is more than just an extension to create additional space.

It is a relaxing, bright retreat that acts as a transitional space between your home and garden.

Our philosophy with our Sunrooms, as with all our developments, is that they should be designed to enhance the way you live in your home.

Here are some of our top features that you should consider maximising your time in your Sunroom

  1. Comfortable seating

The Sunroom is typically the second-largest room in the house.

Conceived as a second living room full of natural light and views that bring you closer to nature, a Sunroom is a space designed to relax you and create a sense of freedom.

Sunroom layout

Comfortable and stylish seating arrangements are vital to making the most of your Sunroom.

The Sunroom is not a conservatory, so wicker seating should play in the league below. Furnish your space with upholstered furniture that offers comfort for long moments of relaxation and conversation.

Plush pillows, rugs and throws establish a cosy vibe and luxurious look.


  1. Home Hub.

Your Sunroom could accommodate several furniture layouts.

From the inclusion of a dining table to a stylish,Sunroom dining

modern, spacious kitchen, your Sunroom space can be a hub for your home.

In a time of distraction, when it’s easy to get caught up in our own worlds, the Sunroom hub can be a great place for family time.



  1. Greenery

As the portal between the in and outdoors, having some well-chosen greenery and Sunroom flowersfoliage in your Sunroom is a must. Hibiscus, Passion Flower and Orchids are recommended as perfect flowers to grow and add colour to your Sunroom





  1. Lighting

A clear lighting concept is essential for keeping the relaxing mood going in your Sunroom when the big yellow thing in the sky disappears for another 12 hours.Sunroom kitchen lighting

Excel Home Designs will help you create lighting concepts using state-of-the-art LED lights, LED tape and a wide range of colour options.




  1. Island Living

If your Sunroom development is spacious enough, it can contain a kitchen with an Island.

The Island creates a natural boundary between your cooking and eating zones in your kitchen. It also offers a stylish snack bar for light meals.





  1. Decorating

Unlike a conservatory, a Sunroom is an extra room with a solid roof and sealed windows so you can let your interior design muse flow by incorporating your favourite home accessories such as lamps, rugs, books, mirrors and framed prints.




  1. Entertainment Venue

As the second largest room in the home, A stylish Sunroom is perfect for impressing and entertaining guests.

sunroom development for entertainingProximity to the kitchen, excellent lighting and the option to open out to the garden make your Sunroom an ideal location for an enjoyable evening.

Excel Home Design pride ourselves on delivering a first-class installation every time.

We are proud of our record for delighting customers and base our success on our clear, step by step process that enables you to visualise your dream home and how we can deliver it.

Our expert, friendly team will support you every step of the way with advice and creative ideas for your home development.

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